Community White Paper (CWP)

A Roadmap for HEP Software and Computing R&D for the 2020s

Realizing the physics programs of the planned and/or upgraded HEP experiments over the next 10 years will require the HEP community to address a number of challenges in the area of software and computing. It is expected that the computing models will need to evolve and a significant “software upgrade” is required to prepare. In order to identify and prioritize the software research and development investments required, we are now beginning a community planning process. The aim is to produce a Community White Paper (CWP) which will describe the community strategy and a roadmap for software and computing R&D in HEP for the 2020s. This activity is organised under the umbrella of the HSF. The LHC experiments and HSF have been specifically charged by the WLCG project and we are reaching out to other HEP experiments around the world to participate.

Final Roadmap Paper

The second draft of the CWP, the Roadmap for HEP Software and Computing R&D for the 2020s report (also available as a pdf) has been released to the community on November 17. Comments were received until December 4 and the final paper is now being prepared. It will be released on December 15.

We have also started to collect signatures for the CWP with the aim of having it signed by everyone in the HEP community who gives it their broad support. If, based on the second (almost final) draft, you are willing to be one of the signatories, please add your name to the dedicated Google Doc (or contact the CWP Editorial Board), if possible before December 14.

Note: if you need to look at the first draft, released on October 20, it is still available as a Google Docs or as a PDF.


This is a list of recent talks about the CWP which were given by various HSF members:

Editorial Team

Draft WG white papers and status


We keep some snapshots of Working Group Papers that are useful for reference or if Google Docs are not available.

Working Groups

The list of CWP working groups, their charges and working documents is maintained on a dedicated working group page.

Main CWP Events

After a preparatory phase during Fall 2016, the CWP process was launched in January, 2017. A series of workshops or events related to the CWP have taken place:


To join the CWP process and get information about its progress, please join the hsf-community-white-paper Google group (no Google account is required, you can register by sending an email to Subscribing to this group with a Google account is required if you want to be able to contribute to CWP documents hosted in Google Docs. Individual working groups may also have their own list or google group (see below).

CWP Process

The CWP process has involved a number of workshops between January and Summer 2017. As part of the process members of the community have been encouraged to write white papers to describe their ideas on the various topics. White papers can be submitted by anyone: individuals, groups of individuals, experiments, institutions, etc.

We maintain a list of contributed CWP whitepapers.

If you have a white paper which you would like to contribute to the CWP process, please submit it (in pdf or link form, e.g. in the arXiv) to and it will add be added to this list.

Some guidance and suggestions for WGs can be found here:

Other notes

The timeline for producing a CWP by summer, 2017, corresponds roughly to the plan for CERN openlab to produce a similar white paper describing the plans for their next phase beginning in January, 2018. We expect that the CWP process and CERN openlab planning processes will be synergistic.