DIRAC - the interware


DIRAC is a complex, open source, very actively developed software. The DIRAC project is a complete Grid solution for one, or more than one community of users that need to exploit distributed, heterogeneous resources. DIRAC forms a layer between a community and various compute resources to allow optimized, transparent and reliable usage. DIRAC’s roles range from the submission of jobs, the management of the data produced, to the orchestration of the distributed resources, while providing active monitoring to its users. DIRAC is a generic software, used and extended by several Virtual Organizations (VO). One of the communities that use DIRAC is LHCb, the LHC “beauty” experiment, which is DIRAC’s initiator and main contributor.

The writer will contribute in improving the DIRAC documentation and tutorials, and to eliminate duplicate or outdated parts from the current one. The documentation is available from multiple places and in different formats, including also those found in scientific articles. The writer will concentrate on improving the documentation that can be found on readthedocs.io, which has source in the code. The writer will also look for documentation written in the Wiki, and possibly merge into the one published in readthedocs.io.


Possible tasks might include:


Corresponding Project

Participating Organizations