Wonderful ROOT Documentation


ROOT [1] [2] is the big data analytics tool used by virtually everyone in high energy physics, at CERN and world-wide, to store (more than 1 exabyte), statistically analyze and visualize physics data. ROOT is LGPL’ed (2.1 or later); it is written in C++ with dynamic Python bindings sometimes aided by explicit “pythonizations”. Due to its capabilities and performance it is also used in industry - but because much of ROOT’s documentation is physics-oriented we make it more difficult than necessary for non-physicists to pick up ROOT.

ROOT’s documentation mainly consists of its web page [1], its users’ guide [3], reference pages for its C++ interfaces [4], and tutorials [5].

We are preparing a new web site based on Jekyll [6] to be released this year. We are looking to improve ROOT’s introduction for non-physicists to make it more accessible; to streamline the web site to enable quick access to documentation resources; and to learn how to systematically improve our reference guide.


Possible tasks might include:


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