How to update your educator profile

This page explains how to update or create your educator profile for the training community page.


Your educator profile corresponds to a text file in the _educators directory (view on github). The file tells you how this file should look like (it is shown below for convenience).

If you don’t have a profile yet

Simply copy the template at the bottom of this page and modify it to include your information. You can then either

If you want to change your profile


The template

# Required:
title: "Your Name"     # first (middle) last
country:               # your country of residence (2 capital letters, e.g. US, GB, DE)
roles: []              # subset of [facilitator, instructor, mentor], can stay empty ([])
years: []              # in which years did you help out? (e.g. [2020, 2019])

# Optional (please add github or gravatar for your picture)
github:       # your github ID (not full url)
gravatar:     # your gravatar ID (the hex hash of your email, something like 123ef...123)
homepage:     # your personal homepage (full url)
twitter:      # your twitter ID (not full URL, no leading '@')
gitlab:       # your gitlab ID (not full URL)
bitbucket:    # your bitbucket ID (not full URL)
orcid:        # your orcid ID (not full URL)
linkedin:     # full url (i.e.

# Don't modify the following setting
layout: educator

<!-- Optional: Write something about yourself below the '- - >'.
You can use Markdown syntax to style this page.



title: Kilian Lieret
country: DE
roles: []
years: [2020]

github: klieret
gitlab: klieret
bitbucket: klieret
orcid: 0000-0003-2792-7511

layout: educator
Hi, I'm Kilian. I'm a PhD student for the Belle II experiment and joined the HSF training group in 2020.


I’ve added my profile, but it doesn’t appear on the webpage

My profile picture doesn’t show up

Make sure that your github link works or that you’ve added your gravatar ID

I want to add/update my profile with git, but I’m stuck. Help?

Perhaps one of these links might help you:

If it doesn’t, don’t hesitate to ask us :)

My file contained some (syntax) errors and destroyed the community page

Cool, that never happened before. But no worries, just write to the convenors, who apparently did a bad job at checking your file (if you can fix it quickly, a pull request would also be nice of course).