Updating a carpentry-style module with the HSF style



then this section is for you. If you want to update a new module from scratch, see here.

If you’re not entirely confident with git, perhaps it’s best to have one of our friendly experts look at this!

We have forked the carpentries style repository and added some style adjustments. What you can do to get them is to add our repository as the remote and pull from it.

This might however create some merge conflicts, for example if the original version of style repository that you used to kick off your lesson repository with is outdated (or ours is). Again, we’re here to help if you feel lost.

  1. IMPORTANT! Make sure you do not have any uncommitted changes in your repsitory. This makes sure we can’t destroy any of your work.

  2. Add our repository as a remote (called template):

    git remote add template https://github.com/hsf-training/hsf-styles.git
  3. Configure the remote to not pull tags:

    git config --local remote.template.tagOpt --no-tags
  4. Pull!

    git pull template gh-pages
  5. Merge conflicts? Sorry to hear that. There’s a couple of options:
    1. Feeling lost? Abort by doing git reset --hard (note that all non-commited changes will be lost!)
    2. Resolving the merge conflicts and commit! That would be awesome. If resolve by overwriting a file with with the version from the styles repository, git checkout template/gh-pages -- path/to/your/file is your friend
  6. No merge conflicts? Congratulations, you’re almost done!

  7. Edit the file _config.yml. Change the first setting to carpentry: "hsf". This will activate all remaining changes.