The Frameworks group organises common discussions and developments in the area of experiment software frameworks. The problem domain is well described in the HSF CWP Frameworks White Paper.

The working group targets challenges identified during the CWP process as well as new ones arising as the state of R&D advances. Modern HEP processing frameworks are in the process of adapting to a new computing landscape dominated by parallel processing and heterogeneity. This poses many questions regarding enhanced functionality and scaling that must be faced without compromising the maintainability of the code.

The goal of this forum is to foster collaboration on design and implementation challenges, the adoption of common approaches, and to raise awareness of existing solutions known to the community. Particular topics of interest include:

  1. Language support for heterogeneous computing (i.e. targeting non-CPU resources), functional programming, concurrency.
  2. Data models that are adapted for execution in heterogeneous environments.
  3. Scheduling tools, including marshalling heterogeneous, non-CPU, resources.
  4. Interfaces to other toolkits such as ML toolkits, IO systems, and simulation engines.
  5. Interaction and interface between frameworks and workload management systems.
  6. Other technology investigations that have an application for experiment processing frameworks.

The group should also monitor and report on evolution and migrations within existing experiment frameworks. The group can offer advice to new experiments on the best choices for frameworks, considering reuse of existing implementations and encouraging long term sustainability of framework software.

Meetings and Mailing List

The group’s meeting page is in Indico and discussions are held on the hsf-tech-forum list.


The group conveners are:

Email the WG Conveners.

Former Conveners