JuliaHEP - Julia in HEP

The JuliaHEP working group brings together a community of developers and users of Julia in Particle Physics, with the aim of improving the sharing of knowledge and expertise, as well as unify effort in developing Julia packages useful for the community.


All coordinators can be reached at hsf-juliahep-organisation@googlegroups.com.

Getting Involved

Everyone is welcome to join the community and participate, contribute, to the organised meetings. The JuliaHEP organisation website is http://www.juliahep.org/.

Group Activities

JuliaHEP Series of Workshops

We plan for a series of JuliaHEP workshops with the aim to provide an environment to discuss and promote the usage of Julia in the HEP community at large.

The first workshop is planned for 6-9 November 2023 at ECAP (Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics).