The Visualization Working Group (WG) gathers experts, developers, users and all people from the HEP community interested in interactive data visualization and event displays. The WG has been started in October 2016 and it is convened by Riccardo Maria Bianchi (University of Pittsburgh).

All are welcome to join the WG and participate!


The goal of the WG is to discover common approaches, foster collaboration among HEP experiments and groups, plan future software development and draft the guidelines for the future HEP visualization tools, with a view of 5-10 years.

Description of the WG

Here follows the description of the WG, its challenges and the questions which it should address, as defined by the WG itself during the Visualization session in the HSF Workshop in San Diego (see link in the meetings’ list below).

The first task of the WG is the planning and the writing of the CWP chapter on Visualization.


Visual representation of event data overlaid with detector geometry for the purpose of HEP research, education and outreach. This representation can be static (event displays) or time-dependent (animations).

Out of scope

Visualization of detector infrastructure and systems (eg. slow control) Visualization for statistical data analysis (histograms, etc…)


Questions to address

Interaction with other WGs

Topics for which we will have to interact with other WGs:



HSF Visualization Workshop, CERN, 28-30 March 2017

HSF Workshop, San Diego, 23-26 January 2017