Publishing CWP Working Group Papers to arXiv

This is the currently recommended way to publish each of the CWP WG papers to arXiv. This route ensures a high presentation standard for the finished paper, allows reuse of bibtex files and archives the document sources in the HSF document repository, so it it strongly recommended.

  1. Finalise paper text, ensuring a good standard of English, scientific content and rigour (we have come a long way - let’s not fall at the final hurdle!).
    • Try to do this as much as possible within your working group, but ask the CWP Ghost Writers team for help if needed.
  2. If necessary, convert from Google Doc to LaTeX using pandoc
    • Download your Google Doc as docx, a.k.a. MS Word, format
    • Using pandoc, which is easily installed, convert your docx file to latex:
      • pandoc -f docx -t latex -o wgpaper.tex wgpaper.docx
    • The conversion is generally very accurate, but within itemize environments you may find that text is inside a spurious quote environment and that some odd non-breaking spaces appear. Just delete these.
  3. Adopt the JHEP preprint style, using the template in the software development paper.
    • Copy the jheppub.sty file into your latex area as it is needed for arXiv side compilation.
  4. The paper title should be HEP Software Foundation Community White Paper Working Group \-- *My Working Group*.
  5. You will need to add an abstract for arXiv.
  6. Add a copyright and license statement as a comment - we strongly recommend
    % Copyright (C) 2018, The HSF Community White Paper authors, licence CC-BY-4.0.
  7. When finalised/finalising add the document sources to the HSF documents github repo,, following the usual pull request workflow. You can ask hegner, eduardo-rodrigues, graeme-a-stewart or jouvin for a review (best to pick at least two).
    • Your paper should go into CWP/papers/HSF-CWP-2017-XX_short-wg-name/latex (the first part for correct ordering, the second for allowing people to know which paper is which at a glance).
  8. You can now take advantage of the large bibtex file that was used for the roadmap for your references.
    • There is also a common file for references to WG papers themselves.
  9. Upload to arXiv, use “Computational Physics (physics.comp-ph)” as the primary subject, with “High Energy Physics - Experiment (hep-ex)” as a secondary.
    • Note that when uploading files to arXiv, it is the .bbl file of resolved and formatted references that is required, not the source .bib files.
  10. You can now finalise your own paper’s reference in CWP/papers/HSF-CWP-2017-01_roadmap/latex/cwp-chapters.bib.
    • Make a final commit to github with this last piece of information so that all regenerated WG texts will include the new cross reference correctly.