Summary of GSoC 2018 Projects and Supervisors

Full List of Proposals

4D Visualization of events in the CMS endcap calorimeter
Additional Machine Learning Project Ideas and Areas of Interest
CernVM-FS powered WebAssembly I/O
Code Benchmark and Consolidation in SixTrack
Convolutional Deep Neural Networks on GPUs for Particle Physics Applications
DIANA-HEP/analysisfunctions - Translate HEP analysis functions to modern paradigms
Development of Goodness of fit tests for weighted histograms
Distributed Big Data Analysis with TDataFrame
Efficient storage of versioned ROOT files in a git repository
Enabling Big Data Analytics on Physics Data with the “Hadoop-XRootD Connector” Library
Extend clad - The Automatic Differentiation
Extension and characterisation of the LHCb data isolation drone neural networks
FALCON - optimize fast detector simulation package and multi-objective regression
Faster matrix algebra for ATLAS
GDML I/O for VecGeom geometry package
Generalise the ROOT Parallel Declarative Analysis Framework to non-HEP Big Data
Generative Adversarial Networks for Particle Physics Applications
Go-HEP/reconfigure - Program FPGAs with Go
Go-HEP/xrootd - Create a pure-Go client for XRootD
Implement Event based Seeding and Multi-Threading
Implementation of a new Unfolding Procedure
Improvements in vectorization and parallelization of ROOT Math libraries
Integration of the HDF5 file format within the LHCb analysis framework
Large-scale computing backend for Jupyter notebooks - HTCondor batch job submission and monitoring using the Ganga toolkit
Message Passing Interface for ROOT (ROOTMpi)
Monitoring DIRAC components
Monitoring and traceability of jobs in a large distributed computing Grid
New physics models in SixTrack
Open-Source Simulations for Gas Detector on Python
Optimize and Integrate Standalone Tracking Library (SixTrackLib)
Particle hunting with kokkos
Particle hunting with xtensor
Petabyte-Scale Cloud Storage File Manager
Processing large-scale 3D data sets using Apache Spark
Profiling reports data warehouse and presentation
ROOT Package Manager
Rucio - ‘Sync & Share’ interface for exabyte-scale multi-location data management
Rucio - Billion-row scalable and flexible metadata
Rucio - Exascale data management
Rucio - Extension with new ways to authenticate & authorize
Rucio - WebDAV/HTTP-based transfer orchestration
Rucio - WebExtension for browser-based storage interaction
SixTrack continuous integration and test coverage with CDash and coverity
Tensorflow-TMVA Interface
Tessellated geometry support for DD4hep and ROOT/TGeo
Utilise RK interpolation and vectorisation for field propagation
Vectorization of electromagnetic physics models within the GeantV simulation vector prototype
WLCG Lightweight Site Configuration
WLCG Lightweight Site Orchestration
Yampl - an inter-process communication library for ATLAS