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The HEP Software Foundation facilitates cooperation and common efforts in High Energy Physics software and computing internationally.


The HSF holds regular meetings in its activity areas and has bi-weekly coordination meetings as well. All of our meetings are open for everyone to join.

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JuliaHEP Launches

After a lot of rising interest in Julia for HEP in the last few years, the HSF has started a new JuliaHEP working group.

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We just published a new paper Potential of the Julia programming language for high energy physics computing and we're planning the first JuliaHEP Workshop in November. Keep an eye out for upcoming Julia events in the calendar!


We organise many activities, from our working groups, to organising events, to supporting projects as HSF projects, and helping communication within the community through our discussion forums and technical notes.

The HSF can also write letters of collaboration and cooperation to project proposals.

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