HSF YouTube


The HSF YouTube channel is used to host video content that should last beyond the lifetime of a single event and for which it is useful for people to be able to view the material ‘offline’.

Hosting the material on YouTube is useful as the platform is optimised for video content delivery and people can subscribe to the channel to get updates.

However, we still recommend posting the material to Indico as some people may prefer to view it there. In particular, for all of its advantages, YouTube pushes adverts at viewers and we also do not control the platform itself (e.g., though it is unlikely, we could be blocked or have videos subject to take-down).


Good content for the channel includes:

Groups of linked videos should always be added to a playlist. Make sure the playlist has a link back to the original Indico agenda so that viewers can access associated material, like slides.

If you are not sure if something should be uploaded then if can be discussed in an HSF Coordination Meeting.


YouTube channels have owners and managers. You need to be a manager to upload material and create playlists. Only owners can add new managers.

The current HSF Owners are:

If you aren’t able to contact an owner, please ask the HSF Coordination Team for advice.