How to get involved

Our goal is to make every effort going on as transparent and open as possible. Our official communication channel is the hsf-forum. If you want to contact a smaller group of HSF advocates you can get in touch with the HSF Coordination Team.

See the dedicated page about HSF discussions forums for information about how to register and the other existing discussion forums.

Areas for contribution

There are plenty of opportunities for you to contribute to the HSF, be it by participation in technical discussions, by joining one of our working groups, or by joining the HSF with your software project:

Meetings, Agendas and Video-Conferences Access

See the Events listing on this site for information on HSF meetings, workshops, etc.

Meetings use the CERN Indico system for agenda pages. The agenda pages are generally open to the world, and no CERN account is needed. To upload material to Indico you do need to be identified CERN now allows EduGain authentication to many of its services, if you do not have a full CERN account.

The Zoom video conferencing system is used for almost all HSF meetings and anyone can participate in the meetings from any internet-connected location. Connection information for each specific Zoom meeting is on the corresponding Indico meeting agenda page.

Giving input to the HSF Coordination Team

If you are not certain about raising an issue in the forums and mailing lists, or if you are afraid that this is not the right place for it, feel free to contact the HSF coordination team directly.

Contributing to this website

You are very welcome to extend this website and add information to it. You can find instructions on how to do it here.

Add events to the community calendar

See this short guide for how to add next events to the calendar.