A Roadmap for HEP Software and Computing R&D for the 2020s

In 2017 the HEP Software Foundation, charged by the WLCG, produced a roadmap white paper on the software and computing challenges that will be faced during the next decade. This has been published in the journal Computing and Software for Big Science.


A Roadmap for HEP Software and Computing R&D for the 2020s, The HEP Software Foundation, Albrecht, J. et al., Comput Softw Big Sci (2019) 3, 7 https://doi.org/10.1007/s41781-018-0018-8.

We recommend you download the citation files (BibTeX and others) for the paper from the journal website.

The roadmap is also available as arXiv:1712.06982.

Community White Paper Reports

The roadmap summarised reports from fourteen working groups who studied the challenges in their sub-domains. All of the reports produced during the Community White Paper process are listed below. Working groups are in the process of finalising and uploading their work to arXiv.

Paper Report Number Link
CWP Roadmap HSF-CWP-2017-01 arXiv
Careers & Training HSF-CWP-2017-02 arXiv
Conditions Data HSF-CWP-2017-03 arXiv
Data Organisation, Management and Access HSF-CWP-2017-04 arXiv
Data Analysis and Interpretation HSF-CWP-2017-05 arXiv
Data and Software Preservation HSF-CWP-2017-06 arXiv
Detector Simulation HSF-CWP-2017-07 arXiv
Event/Data Processing Frameworks HSF-CWP-2017-08 arXiv
Facilities and Distributed Computing HSF-CWP-2017-09 Google Doc
Machine Learning HSF-CWP-2017-10 arXiv
Physics Generators - No separate paper, see CWP Roadmap, section 3.1
Security - No separate paper, see CWP Roadmap, section 3.13
Software Development, Deployment and Validation HSF-CWP-2017-13 arXiv
Software Trigger and Event Reconstruction HSF-CWP-2017-14 arXiv - Executive Summary; arXiv - full document
Visualisation HSF-CWP-2017-15 arXiv


This is a list of talks about the CWP Roadmap that were given by various HSF members:


A historical page is maintained that describes in more detail the process that the community took to arrive at the final outcome.