Letters from the HSF

The HSF’s mission is to encourage cooperation and common projects between all parts of the high-energy physics community concerned with software. We span regions and experiments and we strive to to make our community’s software development more effective. To that end, the HSF will happily cooperate with any project that shares similar goals.

Letters of Cooperation

We will be happy to provide a letter of cooperation that can be used for any software project or funding application. To ask us for this please:

Letters of Support

If you would like a letter of support for your project then you should additionally show how your project will help to meet the goals of the HSF as set out, for example, in the Community White Paper. Please note that a letter of support will not be exclusive for any particular grant application round - the HSF is free to support multiple projects.


In both cases the HSF Coordination group will discuss the request and, if approved, circulate a draft letter to the whole of the HSF community for any comments. We will then approve the request in an HSF Coordination meeting (or, exceptionally, just by email, should deadlines not fit with the meeting schedule).