CERN HSF Season of Docs 2019


Season of Docs is a program that brings technical writers and open source projects together for a few months to work on open source documentation.

Particle physics is an exciting field where large collaborations of scientists collect and analyze petabytes data from high-energy physics experiments, such as the Large Hadron Collider, hosted at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. Some of the questions that we collectively ask are:

To answer these questions, particle physicists build software to simulate and analyze what happens in particle physics detectors.

Since 2011, CERN has participated in other Google initiatives such as Google Summer of Code (GSoC), first as a small organization (CERN-SFT) and later as an umbrella organization (CERN-HSF) to involve the high-energy physics community. Given the good results in the past under the GSoC program, CERN-HSF is eager to participate in this first edition of Season of Docs.

Season of Docs 2019

In 2019 CERN-HSF is planning to apply as an umbrella organization, project proposals are listed below.

Projects in 2019

Participating Organizations in 2019


Full list of Proposal Ideas

Full list of Mentors

HSF Season of Docs Administrators: Andrei Gheata, Antoine PĂ©rus and Javier Cervantes Villanueva.

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