Restructuring & Streamlining of the Allpix Squared Documentation

Description of project idea

Allpix Squared is a mid-size project with a very active and diverse user community. Users come from all sorts of backgrounds, from PhD or master students to senior scientists, and from different fields. They come with different levels of knowledge on programming, on Monte Carlo simulations or on silicon detectors. Having a comprehensive documentation was always a strong point of this project, and our goal for the documentation is to provide each user (from novice student to potential contributor and seasoned developer) the information he needs.

The documentation of our project consists of several parts, which live in different spaces as detailed below:

With over 3.5 years of continuous development and additions, the documentation has become a bit cluttered and we would like to streamline it with your help:

Project duration

We are open for both standard-length projects (3 months) and long-running (6 months) projects, depending on what you think is required to achieve the results we are aiming for. Given the good overall level of documentation of the project, we think a standard project might suffice.

Expected results

Experience required

Our current documentation workflow consists of a few tools and in order to rip them apart it would be good to have a solid understanding of: LaTeX, Doxygen, pandoc, hugo, git, GitLab and its Continuous Integration - as well as of all the new and cool tools that you will introduce to make our documentation sparkle.


Corresponding Project

Participating Organizations