ROOT Documentation

Description of project idea

The ROOT system [1] [2] is the main data analysis and data presentation tool used in high energy physics world-wide. More than 1 exabyte of data are stored in the ROOT format.

ROOT is being made available under the LGPL 2.1+, which allows ROOT to be used in a wide range of open and closed environments.

ROOT it is written in C++ with dynamic Python bindings. Thanks to its capabilities and performance it is also used in industry.

ROOT’s documentation and web site are a key parts of the ROOT project [6]. They are evolving in parallel and complement each other. The basis is the reference Guide [4] documenting all the ROOT C++ components. A large set of tutorials [5], helping to enter the ROOT world, is also provided. And finally a “Manual” guides users through the ROOT tools and concepts [7].

ROOT’s documentation needs to be improved in various areas:


Possible tasks might include:

Project duration

This is expected to be a long (6 months) project which will possibly continue after this period.

  1. ROOT web site
  2. ROOT GiHub repository
  3. ROOT User’s Guide
  4. ROOT Reference Guide
  5. ROOT tutorials
  6. ROOT web site GitHub repository
  7. ROOT manual in the web site

Expected results

The deliverables of the projects will be directly visible online in the various area mentioned in the “Tasks” paragraph. The writers will directly commit his work as pull requests to the web site repository.

The minimum results for each task to consider the project successful are:

Experience required

Besides good technical writer skills, the following additional technical skills are mandatory:


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Participating Organizations