Improve user-facing documentation of the Cern-VM FileSystem

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CVMFS (current version 2.10.1, first release in 2008) is a BSD3-licensed POSIX read-only file system in user space (a FUSE module) that is highly specialised in distributing software. CernVM-FS is actively used by small and large High Energy Physics (HEP) collaborations, and, to a smaller extent, in Nuclear Physics, Astrophysics and in some High Performance Computing Centers. In many cases, it replaces package managers and shared software areas on cluster file systems as means to distribute the software used to process experiment data. CVMFS has a client-server architecture, with different audiences of users for both parts: The setup of the server is usually done by a few select specialists who need comprehensive detailed technical information. The client has a much wider audience of users that may just need to install the software and do a quick setup to access the /cvmfs filesystem. While all information is present in the user-facing documentation, the current structure does little to guide users and misses some “tutorial”-like sections for commonly used tasks.

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