Petabyte-Scale Cloud Storage File Manager


CERNBox is a cloud storage synchronisation service for CERN users: it allows syncing and sharing files on all major mobile and desktop platforms (Linux, Windows, MacOSX, Android, iOS) aiming to provide offline availability to any data stored in the CERN EOS infrastructure.

CERNBox is based on ownCloud, a cloud sync and share platform written in PHP following a Model-View-Controller architecture software pattern. In the last months the service started an architectural migration from a monolithic architecture to microservices. The monolithic-based application was providing different functionalities: access to storage, sharing of files, authentication, authorization and also the web user interface. The service is under a heavy re-design, moving a good amount of logic from the monolithic to microservices to improve agility and scalability.

This project aims to provide a prototype of a new web UI for CERNBox that will provide an immersive user experience. The application will load instantly even in uncertain network conditions and re-engage users thanks to push notifications.

Task ideas

Expected results

Working web application that can manage the files stored in CERN EOS using the ownCloud Synchronisation Protocol based on WebDAV.


Javascript, HTML, CSS3, Vue.js, Golang


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