CERNBox: Bring Your Own Application


CERNBox is a sync and share collaborative cloud storage solution at CERN used by more than 16K users and storing close to 7PB of data. The service has evolved from being a platform providing sync and share services to a collaboration hub which empowers end-users to perform work collaboratively every single day.

Collaboration happens thanks to the integration of the open source cloud storage sync and share (CS3) platform ownCloud and with a variety of application providers like Office 365, OnlyOffice and SWAN. Unfortunately, current integrations with different application providers are difficult to be re-used across platforms and require a huge development effort to achieve the desired integration.

Since the move to cloud based services the user freedom was lost. The users do not have anymore the possibility to choose the applications they want to use to perform their job; it is the site administrator who decides for them. The goal of this project is to provide a mechanism using a well-defined communication protocol to integrate any collaborative service with the ownCloud platform. For such purpose, the student will leverage on the existing CS3 APIs created at CERN and will focus on the integration of the new ownCloud Web interface (code-named Phoenix) with the CERN REVA platform using Google gRPC and Google Protocol buffers technologies.

Task ideas

Expected results

We expect the end deliverable to be a collection of two Phoenix applications (User Preferences App and Reference Collaborative App) with the corresponding server-side implementations in REVA using the CS3 APIS. The reference application will be related to HEP activities, like a Job submission viewer or a ROOT file viewer. This HEP-related application will be used as the example app to enable other people to develop any CS3 API certified application to boost their productvitiy. The deliverable will be tested on two sites: CERN and AARNet


Javascript, HTML, CSS3, Vue.js, Go


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