Create a user interface for Ganga that allows for the execution of tasks inside user specified virtual machines.


Individual scientists are using the Ganga user interface as a frontend for performing very large computational tasks on computing resources that are spread out across the globe. As these calculations are typically done within large collaborations, there has in the past been a set of common conventions on the exact operating system and software installed on the distributed resources. With the growth of opportunistic computing this is no longer a viable solution and the individual user will want more control over the environment their tasks are executing within. The project will implement a solution that allows the user not only to specify the task they want to execute on distributed resources but also in which virtual environment. The technology used will be Docker and Singularity - Docker due to its widespread use and Singularity as it due to its execution in pure userspace is easier to have support for on large computing farms.

Task ideas

Expected results

Making it easy for a user of Ganga to specify that a given task should be executed within a user supplied virtual machine.


Python, Docker


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