Go-HEP/groot - Create a pure-Go dataframe package to access ROOT TTrees with groot


Go-HEP is a set of libraries and applications allowing High Energy Physicists (HEP) to write efficient analysis code in the Go programming language. Go brings the fast edit-compile-run cycle that interpreted language users know and the runtime efficiency that compiled languages users expect. Go-HEP provides the needed HEP oriented packages on top of this concurrency-enabled language.

The Go-HEP project currently provides limited read access to ROOT files, the binary format that all LHC experiments use to store data, via its groot package. groot also allows to create ROOT files with histograms and graphs.

But Go-HEP is missing a pure-Go library to present ROOT TTrees as dataframes. The Gonum organization is in the process of developing a dataframe package, built off the Apache Arrow project.


The proposed project aims at implementing a thin API on top of the groot/rtree package to expose any ROOT TTree as a dataframe, providing Gonum with some feedback with regards to its proposed dframe package.

We propose the following steps:

Expected results

A package that can expose a ROOT TTree as a dataframe, usable for various High Energy Physics analyses or data science tasks.



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