Rucio - Exascale data management


Rucio is a data management system for modern large-scale scientific experiments. It allows experiments to deal with vast amounts of data in a scalable, modular, and flexible way. For example, the ATLAS experiment orchestrated an Exabyte of data transfer and processing and is growing rapidly. Many exciting experiments have adopted Rucio or are actively evaluating it. We seek a student to help us out with designing, developing, testing, and putting in production several highly sought after features in the Rucio core to be prepared for the future. Concepts like horizontal scalability, distributed algorithms, large scale databases, performance optimisation, or network communication protocols interest you? Then you are the GSoC student we seek! Come and join an open development team, contribute to our Github repository, and help improve the world of scientific data management!

Task ideas

Expected results

Objective 1 - Setup a Rucio development environment

Objective 2 - Select and work on core features

Objective 3 - Report



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