Improved usage of Intel Embree ray-tracing kernels in VecGeom


VecGeom [1] project aims at providing a high-performance library for geometry modelling and geometry queries in the context of particle transport simulation in hierarchic 3D geometries, described in terms of solids. The library provides vectorized ray-solid intersection algorithms and other geometry-specific functionality that make use of fine-grained SIMD and SIMT parallelism.

Core tasks of VecGeom are similar to the ones used in ray-tracing. The project aims to study how we can yet better profit from interfacing with specialized ray-tracing kernel libraries such as Intel Embree [2]. The student is expected to push the effort based on a prototype interface already available in our code. This project should be good for anyone interested in computer graphics, ray-tracing, particle simulation, etc.

Task ideas

Expected results

Improve compute performance of VecGeom in certain areas as well as reduce long-term code maintenance.

Desirable Skills


  1. Gitlab repository of VecGeom
  2. Embree high-performance ray tracing kernels library

Corresponding Project

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