CernVM-FS integration test framework powered by Firecracker VM


The CernVM File System (CVMFS) provides a scalable, reliable and low-maintenance software distribution service. It was developed to assist High Energy Physics (HEP) collaborations to deploy software on the worldwide-distributed computing infrastructure used to run data processing applications.

The architecture of the system comprises a number of different components (servers, file-system clients, command-line writer tools, etc.) which are designed to run on separate machines. A rigorous integration testing protocol is essential for maintaining the quality of such a complex distributed system.

The goal of this project is to overhaul the integration testing framework used in CVMFS, making use of novel technologies such as the Firecracker micro-VM to improve efficiency (fewer resources used per test case), precision (run each test case in complete isolation) and usability (run integration tests easily on a development machine).

Task outline

Expected results

A usable system for running CernVM-FS integration tests with isolation between test cases, powered by Firecracker VM, and running on CERN Openstack infrastructure.


Linux, shell scripting, basic networking, VMs, containers


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