Repository as a Service


The ESCAPE project is building an Open Source and collaborative environment in where to connect astronomy, astroparticle and particle physics project. This research environment is composed of the ESCAPE services. In this context, the Open-source Science and Service Repository (OSSR) provides a trusted repository that will be accessible through the ESFRI Science Analysis Platform (ESAP).

The successful candidate will be integrated into the ESCAPE project to develop a JupyterLab extension to create an user friendly connection between the repository and the analysis platform (the computing resources). This plugin will simplify the access to Zenodo (the Open Source Repository) that provides an open archive for scientists to share their analysis software and data.

Task ideas and expected Results

The student will learn to work in an Open Science environment and will get accustomed to the open publication process and tools. He or She will also learn about setting up a complete DevOps environment, developing, testing and using continuous integration pipelines in all the software lifecycles to provide high quality software. Code reviews and AGILE methods will be used to integrate the student and its work in the exiting project and framework.


Desirable Skills


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