ROOT - An interactive debugging experience for RDataFrame


ROOT provides a high-level interface for data analysis and manipulation, RDataFrame. It lets users perform complex operations on data with few characters typed, in C++ and Python. Thanks to its simple API, RDataFrame has seen wide adoption from HEP analysts, including for production use. At the same time, it still offers few facilities useful to inspect intermediate results of computations and debug logical errors in user-defined expressions.

Task ideas and expected results

In this project the student will add features to RDataFrame useful to inspect the state of the data at selected points of the data processing loop, enabling users to verify and inspect logical errors in their analysis code in a much more ergonomic fashion than what is currently available. The student will gain practical experience in the software development cycle of a real-world product and with the tools and best practices employed therein.

Evaluation Task

Interested students please contact Enrico (see Mentors below) for a warm-up and evaluation task.



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