Belle II Event Display with Phoenix


The development of the software for the international Belle II collaboration started more than a decade ago. Since then technologies have evolved and offer improvements over currently implemented solutions. One of such cases is the tool to display the detector geometry, recorded signals, and reconstructed objects. The event display is used to monitor the detector performance, study reconstruction algorithms, and for education and outreach purposes.

The event display in the Belle II software is based on ROOT TEve. To display events the full Belle II software has to be installed on the user’s local machine. This requirement is lifted in modern client-server based systems. The phoenix software offers such a solution. It exploits display capabilities of today’s web browsers.

The task of this project is the implementation of a phoenix based event display for Belle II. The estimated effort is 350 hours and the task is well suited for a student with experience in Typescript and Angular. Knowledge of C++ would be beneficial for understanding the current implementation. Knowledge of (particle) physics is not required.

Task ideas

Expected results

The expected result is a Belle II event display implemented with phoenix. Not all components of the old event display may be fully implemented within this project, but all conceptual issues should be addressed.

Evaluation Task

Interested students please contact Thomas and Giacomo for more details and an evaluation task.



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