Containerisation of CBACK backup system


The Storage department at CERN is responsible for the preservation and backup strategy of 880PB+ of disk based data across various storage infrastructure solutions. Excluding physics data, Backups must also be provided for internal user facing name-spaces, one of the main projects used for this purpose at Cern is CBACK (Cern Backup.)

CBACK is a scalable backup Orchestrator that uses Restic combined with a central SQL DB to store information on different “jobs” (Backup, Restore, Prune, Verify) These jobs can be picked up by stateless agents of a corresponding type (e.g. backup job -> backup Agent) for completion, allowing the number of “agents” to easily be scaled by operators as demand increases or decreases. CBACK is currently deployed as static infrastructure on VM’s thus this expansion is manual.

Task ideas

This project proposes that the potential candidate undertakes the following tasks, with the primary aim of breaking this static nature:

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