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HSF Weekly Meeting #151, 15 November, 2018

HSF Weekly Meeting #151, 15 November, 2018

Present/Contributors: Graeme Stewart, David Lange, Pere Mato, Michel Jouvin, Gloria Corti, Caterina Doglioni, Aleattin Mete, Eduardo Rodrigues, Peter Elmer

News, general matters

  • None

HSF/WLCG/OSG workshop

  • Next organising meeting hopefully next week. Most immediate goals are:
    • Setting out a block agenda
    • Opening registration
    • Missing the input from OSG. Waiting also Amber feedback for opening the registration. The idea is to use the CERN indico.
  • It is quite urgent to setup the chairs of the sessions to be ready to receive input and organize the sessions

New Working Groups

Generators Software Computing Workshop

  • Preparations rather complete now:
    • Indico agenda
    • Sessions from experiments, generators, optimising use, NNLO, HPCs
  • 49 people registered

    • Please sign up if you’re coming (otherwise no coffee!)
    • Hackathon on Wednesday will happen

Activity updates

Quantum Computing

  • WG created after the workshop as announced last week: join the mailing list if interested


  • Matteo Cacciari probably not going to be at CERN for the generators workshop - looking for another (more convenient) date.




  • NTR


  • NTR

Software Development

  • Planning a meeting in November on monitoring tools - Servesh has confirmed his interest.

Software Forum


  • NTR

Technical Notes

  • NTR


General Matters and Roadmap

Publication status for Individual WG Papers

  • Data Organisation, Management and Access
    • Waiting input from Bo.
  • Visualization
  • Event/Data Processing Frameworks
    • References improved - last circulation to potential wider author list then publish?
  • Facilities and Distributed Computing
    • No news.
  • Conditions Access

    • No news.


  • Should we submit a HSF related paper to the European Strategy Update?
    • Deadline for submitting material for the ESPP opening workshop (Grenada, May) : December 18.
    • Pere’s proposal : write a couple of pages around importance of taking software & computing into consideration early in the process of designing new machines/detectors and refer to the CWP for details.
  • Michel encouraged Antoine Pérus, one of the GSoC coordinator, to plan a presentation of next year timeline for GSoC around mid-december to raise the attention of the community early (as many things have to happen in January)
  • HSF Logo in vector format - reminder of action on Benedikt.