Logo contest

Page now kept for historical interest, many thanks to Joschka Lingemann for designing the winning HSF logo.

It’s time the HSF had a logo, so we’re holding a contest. Put your creativity to work and send your proposals to the HSF startup team.

How to submit

To facilitate things, we offer two possibilities:


The deadline for submission is April 18th 2016.

After the deadline there will be a community-wide vote on selecting the best logo: people will vote using a site specifically setup for this purpose, whose URL will be circulated at the end of the submission period.

Voting period

The voting site will be open between April 19th, 2016 and May 6th, 2016: vote here!

Our wish list for valid submissions

In addition to your idea for a great looking logo, there are a few technical conditions we suggest to make your contribution useful to the community:

Finally, we would like to put - at least a variant of - the logo under a free license, so that other projects can use it to denote a connection with the HSF. Similar to the concept of the open use logo of the Debian project.

Looking forward to your ideas!