Present: Pere, Dario, Daniel, Frank, Graeme, Graeme, Michel Apologies: Torre, Andrea, Craig


Any issues with meeting notes of last week

Pere reminded of the importance of proofread the draft notes as soon as they become available to order to avoid mistakes and provide prompt information to the community.

News on contacts made, discussions had, …

Daniel continued the discussions with the generator people (Steve Mrenna for Pythia and Gabe Perdue for Genie). The initial hesitations and worries have somehow disappeared when interacting with the principals. In particular Costas Andreopoulos, the GENIE spokesperson, was fairly positive about the idea. Daniel reiterated the need to hurry up and organize the information meeting we discussed last week with the main objective of listening to them to get their input. If we wait too long it may create false expectations and rumors can develop.

Michel plans to meet with the fastjet people.

Dario empahsized that we are open to listen to the various projects of the community. Even if these projects desire not to join the Foundation, they can be observers and follow the progress. As soon the Foundation offers something that interests them, they will be able to join.

Pere circulated an article from life science community on software collaboration ( This can be used as inspiration and reassurance that we are not inventing anything here.

Graeme is ready to contact a number of groups, specifically GridPP, NA62 and Rivet.

Agenda for next Wednesday IFB meeting

There was the question about the composition of the Interim Foundation Board (IFB). This is defined my the membership of the mailing list (originally a CERN e-group) and moving to the new Google mailing list. It is basically all the interested people enthusiasted by the idea of the Foundation, and ready to collaborate to make it a reality. The announcement of the next meeting will be done to both mailing lists to ensure that nobody is forgotten. We need to check the members of the mailing lists (some problems with access permissions to see the members).

A draft agenda should include:

New contents of web site ( Pere found that creating a page for each Startup Team meeting agenda and notes is a bit heavy. A single page listing all meetings with topics and pointers to the indico agenda and notes should be sufficient.

All startup team members are encouraged to review, add eventually correct the information existing in the web. The same comment about indicating clearly what software projects are “members” of the Foundation should also apply to the institutions and/or experiments that are engaged with the Foundation.

Status of white paper synthesized document The zeroth version produced by Torre on Saturday. A link to the document has been added in the startup team page ( Minor additions and comments from Dario. Everybody is encouraged to have a look and make necessary comment and modifications.

Plans, objectives for SLAC workshop including ancillary meetings

A skeleton of the agenda should be ready for next Wednesday IFB meeting.

Next steps


Next meeting on Monday November 3rd at 6pm CET