HEP Software Foundation Startup Team Meeting notes Feb 10 2015

Present: Andrea, Dario, Michel

Apologies: Liz, Pere, Torre

News on follow-up activities after the SLAC workshop

Dario: following the ongoing discussions about training. Graeme has created a mailing list. We should leverage on the existing Bertinoro and CSC schools. Bertinoro is currently concentrating on concurrency. It is not targeting only HEP people. We should do more to also provide tutorials to young physicists who have just graduated from university but have no real programming experience, otherwise they may produce quick and unmaintainable code.

Andrea: plan to attend a meeting called by Benedikt about software packaging for HSF. This is initially targeting a brainstorming amongst the people working on the integration of the LCG software stack with the LHC experiment frameworks (LIM meeting mailing list). FNAL experts have also been contacted and are expected to join either in the first meeting or at a later stage. Dario: Francesco Giacomini and INFN colleagues are also interested in this effort. Andrea: will inform Benedikt and discuss how to proceed.

Michel: once these activities start producing results, it would be useful to add short summaries on the HSF page. The upcoming CHEP discussion will be a short discussion and is only a couple of months away so it will be difficult to make huge progress, but it would be useful to advertise any results already achieved.

Michel: will present a summary of the HSF workshop at the GDB on Wednesday. Many people have reported that they would like to read a summary of the main outcomes of the workshop. We should create a slightly more polished version of the workshop minutes and circulate it. At the same time, it is probably better to risk giving too much information, even if not to polished, rather than omitting some interesting points.

Michel: have been contacted by IN2P3 to give them a short report about the SLAC workshop in February. During this discussion Giovanni Lamanna will also be present: this will also be useful to get another exchange with the astro community, with whom he is in close contact.

Michel: having a look at Benedikt’s slides (internal PH-SFT meeting) to prepare the GDB summary. The training mailing list is displayed on the slides with the wrong name. Andrea: will contact Benedikt and ask him to change them in Indico if possible.