HSF startup team Apr 27 2015 meeting notes

Present: Torre, Michel, Pere, Daniel, Benedikt, Graeme, Richard, Liz

Apologies: Andrea, Dario


Meeting notes

We decided we will skip the IFB meeting next week. Large overlap with people at CHEP. Will send a mail to the forum.

Pere - CHEP summarized in group meeting, summarized HSF, presented from gathered slides, used useful notes from Michel. No major comments.

Daniel - what group is to deal with incubator projects etc.? Torre - Software Projects (Benedikt et al) Benedikt - working on a little project to set up what an infrastructure should look like. Need some encouragement to make it a priority. Pere - template is one aspect and is the very practical one. Build, test, license, packaging, dependencies, etc. Another aspect is a more formal document specifying criteria for project at different stages. Daniel - was referring to both. Template is the first step. Torre - we agree templates is the priority. Have to start from square one, e.g. writing down what it encompasses.

*** Agreed it would be good to write down, asap, basic notions of a template, the practical aspects.

Software Projects

cf above.

Training WG

Pere - had a chat last week with Charlie Young. There’s a training site worth looking at, Udacity Torre - it’s in the catalog; would be good to add comments on how useful it is [ie ‘Yelp’ approach]

Software packaging

Liz - no news this week, will be at CERN next week, will meet with Benedikt et al.

Software Development and Services

Torre - actions on us for techLab? Pere - no, they are ready to receive requests. Looking at coverity, how to make it usable for others.

S&C Knowledge Base, communication, social media

Torre - Julius able and willing to help as Michel reminds us. Need to re-start a thread from Feb.

Technical notes

Torre - Suggested to Brett that he make the Tools & Libraries report he put together for FCE into a HSF tech note, give it exposure in a broader community. He is discussing with his co-authors. Liz - good idea, we should do the same for all three reports.

Forums (reco algorithms, concurrency, …)

Discussion on the two reco-related forums, Richard will talk to Markus this week about clarifying their relative roles, whether we need both. They do have manifestly different albeit overlapping scopes, the HSF one is reco algorithms, Markus’ is specifically tracking.


Meeting next week.