Meeting notes for the July 9, 2015 startup team meeting

Indico Agenda

Present: Torre, Andrew, Pere, Benedikt, Liz, Andrea, Michel

Apologies: Dario, Graeme

Activities, working group updates


Liz - Progress expected this weekend.

Benedikt - writing a short technical note on naming conventions for platforms, as discussed last time, soon ready for wider distribution.


Liz - circulated mail to tech forum on FNAL activity.

Michel - going through the draft document, results in a few days.

Andrew - should we have a licensing WG?

Pere - just use in the technical forum. And as we agreed we should also tip off the open forum list when a new discussion begins on the tech forum. Agreed to keep it in the tech forum.

Technical notes

Pere - process for technical notes?

Andrew volunteers to act as editor (handling drafts, numbering, uploading). After convergence within the WG/community of authors, a candidate-final draft will be posted and announced to the technical forum, gather comments for a week, then revise accordingly and publish. Should be a sufficient procedure.

Andrea - we should announce at next IFB that Andrew is taking editor role.

Benedikt - we should have a git area for technical notes, latex templates and sources.

Agreed, !!! action to create a github repository in our github project. Benedikt will do this.

others: SW projects, Communication and KB, development tools/services

Pere - on sw projects, expanded the page, started up a table of projects. DD4hep, HepMC3, ROOT. Can proceed with contacting others. Link to sw knowledge base pages for these, get project input/participation on content of knowledge base page.

Andrea - collaborative project in the works for a next generation conditions DB, they sound interested to take it up with the HSF at an appropriate point, right now too early.

Torre - will start newsletter draft next week.


Meeting next week, then summer break for a few weeks.

Michel - should decide on next workshop in Sep if we want it in early 2016.