HSF Weekly #47 25/02/16

Indico Agenda

Present: Torre, Andrea, Dario, Michel, Pere, Liz, David Rousseau


Discussed approaches to git workflow to maintain the website. For code, the pull request/merge workflow is high value and essential for collaborative work, for our website where updates can consist of e.g. one person writing and posting/revising meeting minutes it is less obvious, but the pull req/merge workflow should be welcome (and the single-contributor push workflow for the simplest cases should be tolerated).

Whatever the workflow, a desktop git app is a big help. SourceTree and the GitHub Desktop are two that people have success with (both work with any git repo).

May HSF workshop progress

Michel sent mails with logistics updates. Urgent now to announce it and get ready for registration. Setting up payment system connection etc. Info on accommodations and other logistics is together. Need a description of the workshop, will circulate a draft shortly.

Discussion on program and announcement. Plenaries to communicate progress and invited talks should be one element, hands-on hackathon type sessions should be another, we should have both.

We need to have a blocked out draft program as part of the initial announcement. Doesn’t preclude collecting comments and input from the community at the same time to consider when finalizing the program.

Suggestion agreed at least by some: include in the initial announcement a doodle poll to

In this way we can both get early feedback on the content and an early impression of attendance.

First major (plenary) session should be in the afternoon, to accommodate remote participants many time zones away, and local travellers who choose to travel on Monday.

Invited speakers – some solicitations have gone out.

Agreed to use the workshop planning googledoc to iterate quickly – before the weekend – on draft program and announcement, so the announcement can go out on Monday.

CHEP intentions: should plan a session, an iFB-like meeting for reporting progress, getting feedback, corrective actions etc. A few hours like Okinawa.

Round table for activities updates




Dario - had a discussion thread on list. LHCb has starter kit website for analysis training. Exploring importing into WikiToLearn. Riccardo imported/transformed it into WikiToLearn, and created pdf versions. Found a few obstacles, including that sources then may be the LHCb originals and/or the WikiToLearn versions. Duplication isn’t sustainable. And there are sensitivities over intellectual property. Continuing the discussion. WikiToLearn approach is acting as a source repository for material, concentrating material in one place and lowering the bar to making contributions. Good topic for the workshop. Will send summary to the startup team.

Doing similar import to WikiToLearn exercise with ROOT.

Expect to invite LHCb folks to the workshop.

Logo contest

Has been announced. There is one website for submission, and a voting site where received material will be moved. Honor system voting.

Knowledge base

Torre gave a hepsoftware.org update:


No AOBs.