HSF Weekly #49 10/03/16

Indico Agenda

Present: Torre, Benedikt, Pere, Michel, Dario, Ben Morgan, Liz


No news

May HSF workshop progress

Agreed that we are above threshold to have the workshop, we will have it. We have two topics with very strong interest from those who doodled. Over the next 10 days or so we will work on putting together specific programs, with coordinators preparing them, for those sessions. We will remove the parallelism on Tuesday, putting these two sessions serially. We can decide what to do about the other topics later.

In 10 days or so when the ML and performance sessions are firmed up, we’ll put out a confirmation that the workshop will be held with the program details.

Signup count is only an issue for the dinner, agreed we will not make a dinner reservation any time soon, can always do it on short notice if the numbers look like this.

We should consider having lightning talks as part of agenda.

Liz will pursue contacts to be involved with the ML session, also other Fermilab participants.

Please register! Let’s get the participants list on indico populated.

Round table for activities updates


Packaging TN: in consultation phase, got some feedback, updated it accordingly, will close it out tomorrow if nothing more comes in.

Licensing TN: ‘1.0’ basically done, updates expected after the workshop.

The data flow discussion initiated by Brett could be a good topic for a TN giving a survey of the topic. Brett the obvious lead ;-)


Considering ideas for a coding sprint at the workshop, not too encouraging in the signups so far.

New attendees: Ben Morgan will attend. Also Patricia Mendez.

Benedikt did some spack hacking to add features of interest to us, did a pull request and got some nice feedback from their side.

Liz will meet with spack people at FCE workshop next week. Good to let potentially interested locals know, e.g. the ATLAS core sw team at LBNL, Paolo Calafiura et al.


Dario - WikiToLearn sprint happening at CERN right now. Taook a ROOT tutorial, transferred it to WikiToLearn to evaluate.

Discussing how we might use the workshop.

Pere - enthusiastic crowd at the sprint, gave a presentation.

Michel - longstanding open pull request from October, would be good to address it.

Benedikt - didn’t see announcement of the sprint.

Logo contest

Light feedback so far.

Knowledge base

Minor additions.


Michel examined the signups on our lists. Many more on the forum list than the tech list. Take the next major announcement to the tech list as an occasion to remind the forum of its existence.