HSF Weekly #51 07/04/16

Indico Agenda

Present: Torre, Andrew, Dario, Pere, Marco, Benedikt, John, Michel, Ben, Vincenzo, Markus, DavidR, DavidM, Liz


Dario - logo contest received a new proposal. Closes Apr 18, voting starts Apr 19.

Liz - another coming soon

Submission page

May HSF workshop program

Registered participant count is 34 (up from 20 two weeks ago), with some known attendees still to register. Planning for 50 in the logistics at present.

Canteen for lunch may not be accessible until 1pm, and our scheduled morning session end is 12:30. Agreed this is OK, gives some buffer and discussion time.

Michel updated the agenda, and switched it to the old-fashioned highly readable non-parallel format (thank you!)

Will send out a final reminder tomorrow.

Projects session - Mon 10:30am

Organizers: Benedikt Hegner, Pere Mato

What we said last time:

“We will invite volunteers to bring guinea pig projects to an HSF project incubator/template hackathon on Monday morning, coordinated by Benedikt with the assistance of Pere. If there is a critical mass of takers, we will hold it; if not, we won’t. We need to produce a sufficiently clear and detailed description of what it will involve to attract the sort of people who should be interested.”

Any invitation gone out? Not yet. Include it as part of tomorrow’s reminder

Benedikt - will work on the template between now and the workshop.

An example of the objective is if you have a bunch of C++ code, show how to turn it into a package that fulfills the recommendations of HSF in packaging, documentation, integration, … turn it into a proper package following the project guidelines.

It will be an open discussion session, asking no commitments from people. A dialogue, two ways: also have people tell us what’s helpful. Brainstorming on what are the kinds of things we can do that new projects can benefit from.

Examples of other project assistance topics that can be taken up in this session:

Basically all the things HSF does are useful for projects. A new project starter kit is much like a directory of what we do.

Agreed we will set up a googledoc for planning and developing materials for this session.

Here is the googledoc, editing on.

Plenary session - Mon 2pm

We discussed additions to the session (those mentioned last time) and adjusted time slot durations (note the slots are presentation + discussion). The indico is complete now.

Machine learning - Tue 9:30am

Organizers: David Rousseau, Jean-Roch Vlimant

The indico is filled in, and is very full. May have to merge talks and make adjustments depending on what else comes in, and on the availability of people.

We agreed we would like to hold a RAMP hackathon Tue afternoon, final confirmation tomorrow. Specific topic(s) to be determined, anomaly detection is a possibility.

Packaging - Tue 2pm

Organizers: Patrick Gartung (Fermilab), with Liz Sexton-Kennedy and Benedikt Hegner assisting.

There will be a packaging meeting next week on organizing this session. Organizing it needs to move quickly.

Geant4 technical forum - Tue 4pm

Organizer: Makoto Asai.

Request to Makoto to provide agenda for the forum.

Have not yet discussed with Makoto the suggestion from last time: follow up on what was discussed at SLAC that it would be useful to have a configurable software stack that Geant4 can use with its releases to avoid (at least for HEP-targeted releases) baking into the release particular sw versions.

Software Performance - Wed 9:30am

Organizers: Vincenzo Innocente, Paolo Calafiura, Markus Schulz

Original proposal for this session.

Paolo and Markus have joined Vincenzo in organizing this session. Thanks! They will send a mail to hep-sf-forum regarding plans for the session, sometime next week. A draft agenda will follow shortly after, aim for Fri Apr 15.

The organizers had a skype conference yesterday. They are assembling topics of interest. They expect a session structure along the lines proposed, with a show & tell component, have people say how they see software performance, what their priorities are. Basically the core topic is “how do I write software over the next 5 years”. The session will converge on follow-up actions, towards a larger workshop in the summer with more show & tell and more focus on specific topics. Also build a repository of resources; share experiences, tools, solutions.

Proper title for the session is Software Performance. Concurrency and new architectures are topics within this.

It is a broad topic; it’s for the organizers to focus the topics addressed to those of most interest.

Dario pointed out we should link on our website to resources currently available, such as CERN TechLab, and resources at CNAF, Fermilab…

Closing session - Wed 2pm

We added a one hour session on community roadmap as proposed by Peter. This moves the end of the workshop to 4:30pm.


No time for the round table. Topics for next week include:

GeantV review

What is the relation between Software R&D Forum, formerly Concurrency Forum, and HSF? Reconstitution of Concurrency Forum into Software R&D forum and its first meeting was announced with no reference to HSF.