HSF Weekly Meeting #69, September 15, 2016

Present: Torre Wenaus, Guilherme Amadio, Michel Jouvin, Pere Mato, Benedikt Hegner, David Lange, Patricia Mendez, Peter Elmer

News, general matters

Current Topics.

“HEP software community meeting on GeantV R&D”

Draft letter to send to the review committee we put together:

Subject: GeantV review alterations and plans

Dear all,

Thank you for agreeing to participate in what the HSF has to this point planned as a community peer review of the GeantV project, as was requested of the HSF by the GeantV project team.

Although the GeantV project as an international endeavour is not within the purview of any one funding agency, with the outcomes of the review being advisory to the GeantV project only, the DOE in the US has raised objection to the characterization of the event as a review. The GeantV project principals have informed us that without a name change, many US GeantV collaborators will be unable to participate. They have accordingly asked that the name be changed to “HEP software community meeting on GeantV R&D”. Apart from the name change, so far as we understand, nothing else changes. You as the group of community experts we have empanelled are asked to produce a report that summarizes the meeting and makes observations and recommendations constituting advice to the GeantV team to help it improve its work and set the future direction.

We hope that this change will not alter your plans to participate. Should you have any questions or concerns please let us know. We will shortly post a first draft agenda to indico and share it with you for your input.

Pere & Torre for the HSF

General agreement on the proposed letter: will be sent to reviewers in the next days by Torre.


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