HSF Weekly Meeting #175, 5 December, 2019

Present/Contributors: Caterina Doglioni, Graeme Stewart, David Lange, Eduardo Rodrigues, Chris Jones, Marco Clemencic, Daniel Elvira, Pere Mato, Benedikt Hegner, Witek Pokorski, Andrea Valassi, Heather Gray, Michel Jouvin, Ben Morgan, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Gloria Corti, Kyle Knoepfel, Stefan Roiser, Marco Clemencic, Sudhir Malik, Adam Parker, James Walder

Apologies: Serhan Mete (ATLAS S&C Week)

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HSF/WLCG 2020 workshop


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LAWSCHEP 2019 Workshop

The Latin American Workshop in S&C Challenges in HEP was held in Mexico City on November 20-23th, 2019, under the auspicies of HSF and with support from FNAL, CERN, and IRIS-HEP. Highly successful, attended by representatives of all HEP active Latin American countries (at least 1-2 people per country and many Mexican students). Document in preparation which will include partnership opportunities in different areas and will be submitted to LASF4RI (LA Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructure - sort of the LA Snowmass or European Strategy process).



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