HSF Weekly Meeting #180, 13 February, 2020

Present/Contributors: Graeme Stewart, Agnieszka Dziurda, Ben Krikler, David Lange, Andrea Rizzi, Maria Girone, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Efe Yazgan, Stefan Roiser, Andrea Valassi, Witek Pokorski, Kyle Knoepfel, Caterina Doglioni, Teng Jian Khoo, Ben Morgan, Philippe Canal, Mark Neubauer

Apologies: Pete Mato, Gloria Corti

News, general matters

Google Summer of Code 2020

Now live on the HSF website: 29 Organisations, 22 Projects, 45 proposals

Students will now start to get in touch, next deadline March 20, your evaluation of students based on your interactions and a test

LHCC Review of HL-LHC Software and Computing

Reminder: LHCC will review software and computing plans for the HL-LHC, Amber Boehnlein (JLab) will chair, first phase will be 18-20 May 2020. Five 20 page documents provided as input to the committee, from ATLAS, CMS, WLCG, DOMA and from Common Tools and Community Software (the HSF takes care of the later)

Document outline has been created.

Our timeline:

Outline - cross cutting topics like accelerators and machine learning; how could we best incorporate these? Do it area by area or have a general sub-section?

Not a lot of progress so far, though some groups did start to think about things. How to progress significantly in the next 2 weeks?

Maria - DOMA are preparing a document and their WGs are gathering inputs in parallel

ATLAS and CMS documents will be public only after the review

Working Group Updates

Data Analysis

Detector Simulation

Reconstruction and Software Triggers

Software Tools and Packaging



Event generators


We are done with our experiment framework surveys; we will now focus on specific topics for our next meetings. We are trying to determine what those topics are based on the experiment survey talks.

The frameworks working group has been asked to participate in the Software & Computing Round Table at Jefferson Lab on March 10 on the topic of “Frameworks for Greenfield Experiments”. The topic is motivated by software and computing discussions for the upcoming electron ion collider.


HSF/WLCG 2020 workshop


Workshop registration is opening as we speak…


The workshop fee will be:

2800 SEK (approx. 260 EUR) if paid before April 1st, 3200 SEK (approx. 300 EUR) If paid after April 1st and before April 20th.

The conference dinner, prepared with local ingredients and hosted at the Lund Grand Hotel, can also be paid from the payment page (approx. 50 EUR).

There is a poster on the website - please print and pin up!

Scientific Programme

Organising team for HSF are: Graeme, Heather, David and Michel

We adjusted the timetable proposal a little:

Day Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
AM [Free for workshops and BoFs]    
PM Part 1 HSF+WLCG Plenary    
PM Part 2 HSF+WLCG Plenary    
AM Part 1 New arch/portability/sustainability    
AM Part 2 New arch/portability/sustainability    
PM Part 1 New arch/portability/sustainability    
PM Part 2 New arch/portability/sustainability    
AM Part 1 HSF Common Session   WLCG infrastructure and services
AM Part 2 HSF Common Session   WLCG infrastructure and services
PM Part 1 HSF Trigger&Reco - General   WLCG infrastructure and services
PM Part 2 HSF Sim - Fast Sim HSF Training WLCG infrastructure and services
AM Part 1 HSF Sim - Geant Modernisation HSF Tools & Packaging DOMA Plenary
AM Part 2 HSF Trigger&Reco - General HSF Generators Overview DOMA Plenary
PM Part 1 HSF Sim - R&D HSF Generators R&D DOMA Plenary
PM Part 2 HSF Sim - R&D HSF Frameworks DOMA Plenary
AM Wrap-up joint plenary    

Two HSF sessions at the same time became inevitable, but can be reorganised a bit if there is a more optimal distribution of what we run in parallel

Topics for plenary sessions:

BoFs and Other Events

PyHEP 2020 workshop


Next Meeting