HSF Weekly Meeting #190, 16 July 2020

Present/Contributors: Graeme Stewart, Benedikt Hegner, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Teng Jian Khoo, David Lange, Horst Severini, Agnieszka Dziurda, Kyle Knoepfel, Paul Laycock, Efe Yazgan, Pere Mato, Caterina Doglioni, Gloria Corti, Daniel Elvira, Ben Morgan, Michel Jouvin, Pere Mato

Apologies: Eduardo Rodrigues

News, general matters, announcements

Letter of Support for SWIFT-HEP

Our colleagues in the UK are submitting a bid for funding to STFC as a follow-on to ExCALIBER HEP (PI Davide Costanzo). It will cover:

The draft letter of support is attached to this meeting.

Approved by the meeting, but also need to circulate a bit wider so more people can see. (We discussed that in general WG convenors should also see this during the internal discussion phase.)

IRIS-HEP Blueprint Meeting on Sustainable Software in HEP

This meeting is now set for July 22: https://indico.cern.ch/event/930127/.

Graeme was asked to give a contribution on the HSF’s role – draft slides next week.

ESCAPE Workshop on Open Source Software Lifecycles (July 23, 24 + 27, 28)


Lukas Heinrich kindly agreed to give the HSF talk.

There will be a short contribution, plus discussion session about the sustainability of test science projects.

LHCC Review of HL-LHC Software and Computing

Still awaiting the report from the referees.

We were contacted by someone who contributed to the Detector Simulation chapter and was surprised not to have an acknowledgement or have been added as an author to the document. This is not a good situation and the contributions from beyond the WG convenors are valuable and valued.

Proposal: WG Convenors can nominate people who should be added to the document as authors and poll their communities for self-nominations. We then list these people in a revised version as authors, and mark the WG convenors and Graeme as editors.

We agree to proceed in this way.

New Convenor for Data Analysis WG

Reminder that nominations (including self-nominations) are open until 31 July for someone to join Paul and TJ (the appointment is to run from 1 September through 2021).

Please send nomintions to hsf-search-committee@cern.ch (which maps to Graeme, Liz and Michel).

YouTube Channel

An HSF YouTube Channel has been created. This is really useful for hosting training material, workshop recordings, etc. A description of the purpose and mechanics was added to the website: https://hepsoftwarefoundation.org/organization/youtube.html.

We have almost 100 subscribers (please sign up!) and many of the videos have been viewed 20+ times in just a few days:

First playlists:


Reminder that announcements about the Snowmass process was sent to the email list, with an initial workshop on 10-11 August.

We will submit the LHCC input document to the review (which we agreed with the convenors did not need to go via an LoI).


Review process on PRs

Reviews have been happening more promptly in the last few weeks - thanks to the reviewers!

Working Group Updates

Data Analysis

Meeting yesterday on B-Physics/Light states/exclusive analyses:

Thinking about next meeting – tentatively end of Sept. Possible topics:

Detector Simulation

Having a summer break on meetings. Will resume in September.

Reconstruction and Software Triggers

Having a summer break on meetings. Will resume in September.

Short contribution at Snowmass TDAQ meeting about real-time analysis (slide taken from Institut Pascal). Agenda here: https://indico.fnal.gov/event/44402/.

Software Tools and Packaging

Lots of fixes for Spack packages (from CERN+DESY). Would like to get a talk from Spack developers after the summer break.

Software Training

Event generators


Other Interest and Activity Areas

Differentiable Computing


PyHEP 2020

The PyHEP 2020 virtual workshop in running this week, with keynotes, talks and tutorials.

Future HSF-WLCG Workshops


Put an X near one or more options, plus first X for attendance…

We would like to have additional people helping to organise the next events, so if you would like to help organise please contact HSF Coordnation or Graeme


Next Meeting