HSF Weekly Meeting #202, 18 February 2021

Present: Benedikt Hegner, Alaettin Serhan Mete, Ben Morgan, Mason Proffitt, Teng Jian Khoo, Krzystof Genser, Allison Hall, David Lange, Kevin Pedro, Dorothea vom Bruch, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Caterina Doglioni, Eduardo Rodrigues, Kyle Knoepfel, Marc Paterno, Efe Yazgan, Sudhir Malik, Michel Villanueva, Josh McFayden

Apologies: Graeme Stewart

News, general matters, announcements

WG Plans and Last Meeting’s Minutes

At the 2nd but last meeting we reviewed WG plans for the early part of 2021 in particular.

Graeme sent a PR request for people to comment on.

Google Summer of Code

Submission of project ideas was open till 15 February. Avoid submitting the last minute, there is a review process for the PRs! Also check the instructions for changes to the projects this year. Few points to keep in mind:

November Workshop Survey and Outcomes

The outcomes and follow-up document was finalised - please have a look for items to not forget about in 2021. (There is still the commentable version if anything was omitted.)

Working Group Updates

Data Analysis

Metadata discussion series had good discussion – last meeting on Tues with “analysis experience”. Some overall impressions (see live notes for more):


Other plans:

Detector Simulation

Reconstruction and Software Triggers


Next topical meeting on March 3rd (every first Wednesday of the month).

PyHEP 2021 workshop preparations due to start in the next few days.

Software Tools and Packaging

Software Training

Event Generators


Yesterday discussed CMS’s experience with upgrading to the latest UI of TBB. https://indico.cern.ch/event/1005030/

We plan to start “free-form-discussion” meetings once a month, to allow for an easier exchange of information. We will see how that goes…

Other Interest and Activity Areas

Differentiable Computing

“Campfire” meeting, last week Friday 12 Feb at 17h: https://indico.cern.ch/event/1005490/.



Registration has opened.

Next Meeting(s)