HSF Weekly Meeting #204, 18 March 2021

Present: Graeme Stewart, Benedikt Hegner, Serhan Mete, Eduardo Rodrigues, Nicola Skidmore, Mason Proffitt, Chris Jones, Andi Salzburger, Andrei Gheata, Serhan Mete, Paul Laycock, Stefan Roiser, Allie Hall, Dorothea vom Bruch, Pere Mato, Efe Yazgan, Kevin Pedro, Ben Morgan, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Michel Jouvin, Teng Jian Khoo, Meirin Oan Evans, Daniel Elvira, Marc Paterno, David Lange, Andrew Norman, Philippe Canal

Apologies: Krzysztof Genser

News, general matters, announcements


The software WLCG report for 2021H1 was prepared - see Indico agenda.

Thanks to all who made comments and suggestions.

HL-LHC Review Phase 2

We have had some meetings with key people for each section of the document. Now making progress in contacting other projects and arranging mini-workshops, as needed.

Google Summer of Code, Season of Docs

The GSoC mentors are quite busy at the moment with candidate evaluation and there are few exchanges on the mentors list.

For GSoD so far we have no applications. Do no projects need documentation help? If there are no proposals we won’t apply. Deadline is 25 March.

November Workshop Survey and Outcomes

See slides attached to the agenda, which give highlights of the survey from the workshop.

Proposal for DUNE Framework Requirements Review

Paul: DUNE is trying to work out how to deal with its data, including massive “events” from supernovae (100TB!). DUNE task force has defined the requirements (43 of them) in a document, which is aimed at DUNE people. If the HSF is to give feedback on this, how can it be expanded/annotated to non-DUNE people? Once that’s done can we get together a group of experts who could review and bring input from the expertise of the wider community?

Andrew: wanted to define a timescale on which feedback was given - early enough to be able to take requirements and statements back to FAs, viz. 4-6 weeks… (timescale is driven by US funding and a computing CDR that is due in June).

Andrew: check on requirements should be a quick part; real question is how do those requirements fit into the HEP ecosystem?

Andrew: there is a description of some of this and we do anticipate being quite free to decide how to use these resources; data sizes and form of a neutrino analysis are well known. Some feedback on this aspect would also be useful, when people come with different experience.

Andrew: HSF is an avenue to different expertise that we would like to take advantage of.

Benedikt, Chris, Kyle and Attila will discuss then how to proceed.

Working Group Updates

Data Analysis

Detector Simulation

Reconstruction and Software Triggers


Software Tools and Packaging

Our next meeting is on March 31st, 2021 @ 5pm CERN time:

Graeme: there was a very interesting discussion about Spack in the SFT LIM meeting on Monday. It would be really useful to hear from the Fermilab Spack people in the WG soon.

Software Training

Please contact us or drop into the weekly meeting Monday 16h CET so we can help you organise a training. C++ courses merged onto curriculum https://hepsoftwarefoundation.org/training/curriculum.html Distributed computing module being planned.

Event Generators


Had an open discussion a few weeks ago that went well. Current schedule is open for handing the anticipated DNUE review.


Next Meeting(s)