HSF Coordination Meeting #207, 6 May 2021

Present: Allison Hall, Andreas Salzburger, Ben Morgan, Caterina Doglioni, David Lange, Eduardo Rodrigues, Graeme Stewart, Josh McFayden, Kilian Lieret, Krzysztof Genser, Kyle Knoepfel, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Mason Proffitt, Meirin Oan Evans, Michel Jouvin, Michel Villanueva, Paul Laycock, Serhan Mete, Stefan Roiser, Sudhir Malik, Teng Jian Khoo

Apologies: Andrea Valassi, Dorothea vom Bruch

News, general matters, announcements

HL-LHC Review Phase 2

We have had two mini-workshops that presented plans and ideas for the HL-LHC era from both experiments and projects (a conversation):

These were well attended and extremely useful.

The inputs and discussions will inform the documents that are being written. First drafts to be ready 30 June, so that they can be discussed and get feedback over the summer.

Google Summer of Code

GSoC administrators have requested slots for all proposals where they received a good proposal (~27).

Proposal for DUNE Framework Requirements Review

Framework requirements review kick-off to be held next week (probably Mon. or Tues., time to be settled by the end of the week). Review mini-workshop will be during the week of May 24th or May 31st.

Working Group Updates

Data Analysis

Second instance of “Wider HEP/NP analysis community” meetings yesterday. Agenda with recording & live notes here.

Need to define an agenda for the next instance, currently scheduled for 19 May but perhaps we should postpone it to a week later to avoid vCHEP…

Analysis metadata “constraints” rough draft written, to share with community for comments soon:

Detector Simulation

Reconstruction and Software Triggers


Software Tools and Packaging

We had a WG meeting last Wednesday (Wednesday 28 April 2021, 5pm CERN time):

Software Training

Event Generators


Monthly informal “coffee” delayed one week until May 12.


CAF and Roundtable


Next Meeting(s)