HSF Coordination Meeting #209, 10 June 2021

Present: Ben Morgan, Benedikt Hegner, Caterina Doglioni, Daniel Elvira, Dorothea vom Bruch, Eduardo Rodrigues, Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy, Graeme Stewart, Guilherme Amadio, Josh McFayden, Krzyszof Genser, Kyle Knoepfel, Mark Neubauer, Meirin Oan Evans, Michel Jouvin, Paul Laycock, Pere Mato, Serhan Mete, Stefan Roiser, Sudhir Malik, Teng Jian Khoo

Apologies: Andrea Valassi

News, general matters, announcements

LHCC Meeting

Meeting with the LHCC referees was last week. Liz presented the software report, which is attached to this week’s agenda. Thanks to everyone for inputs.

Notable points raised in the meeting and in the referees’ feedback:

HL-LHC Review Phase 2

We also discussed the review with the referees. They are pleased with progress towards draft documents by 30 June.

Reminder - draft documents due at the end of June!

DUNE Framework Requirements Review

We had the mini-workshop last week (2-3 June). There were roughly 20 participants who discussed:

The aim is for the review panel to provide a document (by the end of the month) that DUNE can use to guide its framework selection/development.

Many thanks to the panelists for their hard work and to DUNE for their willingness to ask for input from HSF.

Very open and useful discussion, that also give a good overview of the frameworks in other experiments on Day 1 - summary of the ‘state of the art’.

HSF Domain Name

Currently the HSF’s domain name (hepsoftwarefoundation.org) is managed via Torre’s AWS account (and special thanks to him for saving the name over the Labour Day Weekend!). This isn’t ideal (small cost, bus factor). We have asked CERN IT how they can take this over, although in fact any of the major labs could take this on, assuming the small costs can be covered.

Liz: Fermilab could help if this proves to be difficult to do at CERN.

Working Group Updates

Data Analysis

Detector Simulation

Reconstruction and Software Triggers


Software Tools and Packaging

Software Training

Advertise two workshops and C++ training:

HEP Software Training Challenge

HSF Training Hackathon on C++

Q. Where is this advertised? Via the Google Group. We suggest a mail to the hsf-forum for these two special meetings, as well as reaching out to people who participated before, as trainers or students.

HEP C++ Course

Event Generators



CAF and Roundtable

CA Forum

9 June, 2 very good talks on “JUWELS Booster, Europe’s fastest HPC” and “Event interpretation in Belle2”. Attendance lower than usual - several other meetings apparently clashed this time.

Indico category at https://indico.cern.ch/category/12741/

Next CA Fora (always Wed 16:30 CEST):

More topics in the pipeline but please do contact any of the CA Forum organisers if you have proposals.

Q. Who has been looking at Kokkos? A. At least for the Madgraph GPU port, Taylor Childers has been looking at using Kokkos. ATLAS, CMS, and DUNE have also been exploring Kokkos through the HEP-CCE program (specifically the portability activities) funded by the DOE. There was also work on WireCell, reported at vCHEP.

Recording Meetings

After our discussion on if HSF meetings should be recorded, the summary recommendation has been added to the website (PR).

Who has the copyright on recordings like this? We are not sure, something to think about.


If there was anything at vCHEP that you think the HSF should be tracking, please let us know (email to coordination, or WG, or raise it in a meeting).

Next Meeting(s)

Our next meeting will be 24 June.