HSF Coordination Meeting #210, 24 June 2021

Present: Benedikt Hegner, Kyle Knoepfel, Meirin Oan Evans, Dorothea vom Bruch, Andi Salzburger, Josh McFayden, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Michel Jouvin, Eduardo Rodrigues, Krzysztof Genser, Allison Hall, Sudhir Malik

Apologies: Graeme Stewart, Andrea Valassi, Serhan Mete

News, general matters, announcements

HL-LHC Review Phase 2

Now very close to the draft documents being released on 30 June - we hope that people can free some time to read and comment.

DUNE Framework Requirements Review

We have begun writing up the final document that will be presented to DUNE. To aid our write-up, there have been subsequent emails (and offline discussions) with DUNE to get some clarification on their memory requirements.

Still targeting completion by end of June or shortly thereafter.

HSF Domain Name

Still investigating this with CERN, who might want to take it over connected with the lab’s Jekyll deployment.

Working Group Updates

Data Analysis

Analysis in the wider HEP/nuclear physics community:

Analysis metadata document:

Detector Simulation

Will resume meetings in late September/early October. Several topics planned to be covered, including MARS, varying Geant4 model parameters, DD4HEP, GPU developments update.

Reconstruction and Software Triggers


Software Training

HEP Software Training Challenge

HSF Training Hackathon on C++

HEP C++ Course

Event Generators



Next Meeting(s)

Our next meeting will be 8 July.