HSF Coordination Meeting #212, 22 July 2021

Present: Graeme Stewart, Attila Krasznahorkay, Krzysztof Genser, Efe Yazgan, Stefan Roiser, Sudhir Malik, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Ben Morgan, Mason Proffitt, Nicola Skidmore, Paul Laycock, Teng Jian Khoo

Apologies: Kyle Knoepfel, Serhan Mete, Eduardo Rodrigues

News, general matters, announcements

HL-LHC Review Phase 2

We now have the first version of most documents:

Please take a look and comment if you can! Ideally in the next month, certainly by the end of August.

DUNE Framework Requirements Review

The HSF findings were submitted to DUNE on 12 July. A separate appendix was submitted on 19 July; it contains some experiences of framework migrations undertaken by HEP experiments in the last 5-10 years. No follow-up with DUNE is planned at this time. DUNE has expressed its appreciation of the HSF assisting in their framework deliberations.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this review, particularly the panelists.

UK PPTAP Workshop

UK Particle Physics Technology Advisory Panel had a workshop on software and computing this week (organised by Tim Scanlon, UCL and Neil Chue Hong, Edinburgh). Aim was to gather input for a UK Particle Physics Roadmap.

Graeme gave a talk on the international funding situation.

Take away messages:

Neil and Tim will be drafting a document with the workshop’s conclusions as a first input to the UK technology roadmap.

Working Group Updates

Data Analysis

Detector Simulation


Software Training

Software Carpentry (Virtual) Training

HSF Training Hackathon on C++

HEP C++ Course

Event Generators



HSF Domain Name

Ticket still open, no recent movement.


We are currently working on a funding proposal (EU COST) in the context of the “Software Institute for Data Intensive Sciences”, aiming to bridge the gab between computer scientists and natural science software engineers. The “grand theme” of the proposal will be around the topic of “software sustainability”.

For a success proposal it is useful to include participants also from “inclusive target” countries (mostly eastern European countries). In case you have contacts in this direction pls get in contact with Graeme or Stefan.

Next Meeting(s)

As usual we cancel the meetings in August for a summer break. Next meeting will then be 2 September.