HSF Coordination Meeting #215, 30 September 2021

Present/Contributing: Graeme Stewart, Serhan Mete, Nicole Skidmore, Attila Krasznahorkay, Eduardo Rodrigues, Krzysztof Genser, Efe Yazgan, Caterina Doglioni, Ben Morgan, Andrea Valassi, Josh McFayden, Michel Jouvin, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Alexander Moreno, Andi Salzburger, Benedikt Hegner, Michael Hernandez Villanueva, Philippe Canal, Sudhir Malik, Teng Jay Khoo, Daniel Elvira

Apologies: Kyle Knoepfel

News, general matters, announcements

HL-LHC Review Phase 2

Editors are now putting the finishing touches to their input documents. They need to be finished today for delivery to the reviewers tomorrow.

The finished versions are being put into CERNBox.

Graeme and Liz wrote a short introduction that summarises the process.

N.B. The review itself will take place 1-5 November, hybrid at CERN + Zoomlandia. Attendance is being clarified with the LHCC.

CHEP2022 -> CHEP2023

As people will have seen, CHEP has been delayed for a year, to May 2023. This means that we would not have a CHEP-attached WLCG/HSF workshop in May next year.

This gives more scope for smaller (still hybrid) workshops next year; probably even more important to give the community an opportunity for presentations and discussions.

We should gather some ideas of what suitable topics could be and start to discuss sounding things out / organising.

Some ideas:

HSF Letters

Graeme’s thoughts:

Had not really considered the HSF letters that would go to an individual before (this issue came up a few weeks ago, we decided not to give a letter of ‘support’ as this would imply endorsement of an individual, which is not something the HSF is well set up to do).

However, individual applications are an important career step and, in the end, software is written by individuals, often by ECRs. We want to foster work on software and improve its recognition.

Proposal for a clarification on letters from the HSF:

Such a letter requires a public project summary and clear statement of their intent to work within the HSF.

Also propose that we make the link to ‘letters from the HSF’ a bit more prominent - most people don’t know that it’s there (which may also be why requests invariably come late).


Working Group Updates

Data Analysis

Meeting scheduled on Wednesday 6th October at 17:00 (CET) - email reminder sent out

We will discuss

Detector Simulation

Closely allied meeting at 17h CET today:

WG still looking for available speakers; Trying not to overlap (in topics and time) with other events (e.g., Geant4 Collaboration Meeting ended on 24th of September, which included an open R&D Session)

Reconstruction and Software Triggers

Not much news from Reconstruction & SW trigger


Software Tools and Packaging

We have the next WG meeting scheduled:

Software Training

Event Generators


Other Interest and Activity Areas


Continuing discussion with the HepMC3 authors.



The SIDIS COST proposal draft has been circulated and is attracting comments and being improved. Contact Graeme, Stefan or Caterina if you would like to be involved.

HSF Calendar

As dates start to be fixed for 2022, please add things to the HSF Community Calendar.

Next Meeting

Next meeting is on 14 October.